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Each week your homework will be posted on this page. Homework goes out on a Wednesday and is due in on a Monday. Don't forget to also keep practising your tables and keep your Reading Record book up-to-date. You need your Reading Record book in school on Wednesdays.





Homework for Monday 22nd October




You have an activity in your Spelling Book to practise the silent 't' words. Watch out for the 'le' endings, this is where most of the errors are being made.


hustle bustle jostle
fasten glisten whistle
rustle soften  

You have chosen a spelling change to do. Choose 6 of these words to practise.


Previous Focus Words.

reversible sensible
responsible terrible
credible horrible
legible visible
possible resistible



Maths Homework


This week you homework is on MyMaths. If you have problems logging on at home, remember to ask at school.

English Homework


Write two paragraphs for a magazine or newspaper to explain what Remembrance Sunday is for and why we celebrate it.

Coordinates and shapes - Corbettmaths

Corbettmaths - This video shows how to find missing vertices of 2D shapes on coordinate grids.

How to write a speech sandwich.