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Lion Cubs / Reception

Hello to our Lion Cubs

A big warm welcome to all of the new Lion Cubs and their families!

The children have all made a fantastic start to school over the last couple of days and are settling in very well. They have been getting to know the adults in the class who support them, their classroom inside and outside, the routines, lunchtimes and most importantly getting to know each other and working together.


Your child's learning with be focused on some topics, but  also their interests.Whether your child has an interest in dinosaurs, trains, gardening, sewing etc, please come in and tell the staff,  as we can then use their interests, as a tool to do some fantastic learning.


This term's topic is called 'Marvelous me!' . Here we will be looking at the children themselves, their likes and dislikes, looking how to keep healthy and clean, looking at families, looking at types of homes here and in other countries. 

Speaking and Listening

This will be a strong focus this term, with emphasis on building the children’s confidence to join in with discussion, familiar rhymes and stories.


Read Write Inc

The children will begin to learn new letters and sounds daily. Using various games, rhymes and resources to teach these letters, our goal is to support your child to blend and segment words. Blending is putting letter sounds together to make a word. Segmenting is splitting a word into sounds they know. This will then support their spelling of simple CVC, CCVC & CVCC words.

Mark making/ Writing

To begin with, the children will not be doing formal writing. They will explore ‘mark making’ and experiment with new sounds, patterns and writing media. This will help to foster their love for writing, their imagination and most of all their confidence


Each week, the will be able to choose a library book from our classroom. This is for an adult to read to them. It is crucial that children listen to an adult read to them as they will be exposed to the rich text, intonation and descriptive language. In addition, your child can join in with you saying the repeated phrases or describing the pictures/photographs. It does not matter how many times you read a 'favourite book' with your child. You are giving them the stepping stones to become a 'lover of books'.

Soon, the children will take part in Guided Reading sessions with an adult . Here, they will be supported in developing  skills such as comprehension, deduction and inference. 


As part of our number learning, the children will learn to recite, recognise and order numbers to 10… and then 20. We will practise counting objects, matching numerals and quantity correctly.


Shape Space and Measure

Related to our topic 'Marvelous me!', we will be using the vocabulary of long, longer , short, shorter, ordering children by height and sorting

Physical Development

The children will begin developing their gross and fine motor skills. Their gross motor skills will be exercised through dance, and physical activities during continuous provision. Fine motor skills will be supported through 'dough disco, threading, water squirting, etc.

The children will also work on developing independent skills concerning getting dressed, cutting up their own food in the dining hall, putting on their shoes and fastening their coats.


P.E will be on Fridays. 

Creative and Design

The children will have access to the Home-corner, where they will act out experiences they are familiar with.  Manipulating dough, drawing around our hands and feet, music sessions to reflect our feelings, music to celebrate festivals and tapping into the 5 senses, will be just some of the activities the children will enjoy.

And finally...

We look forward to putting our observations onto our on-line learning journal 'Tapestry' which will show you the wonderful learning that is taking place with your child. Equally, we look forward to seeing and reading the observations you can load onto Tapestry.


Thank you for your support,

We are excited in building positive friendships with you all .


Mrs Foster, Miss Noonan & Mrs Davies (Who will teach all day on a Wednesday)