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Monday 18th June

 Hi from not so sunny Wales,

We have already arrived in Plas Caerdeon and it is pretty rainy! Today our group did the zip lining and the rope courses, it was really fun. We started on the zip line, it was really high, but really exciting. We had to jump off the platform and swing over the ditch below us. When we got to the bottom everybody joined together to catch the person, who was on their way down .But there was one person we didn’t catch [Mr Hewson]!!!!!! After we did the ropes course, it took all of us to do some activities, and two of us to do others. Nobody worked alone, it was all about team work! We have had a great time here at Plas Caerdeon, and we can’t wait for the rest of the week.

                                                                   By Isla and Sara

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