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Monday 19th June

Hi, this is Grace and Holly.  Today we did Orienteering in the grounds of Plas Caerdeon   and got a map and followed the map to stamp it to win. We had to stay in our groups, from Grace.


Today ,we also went orienteering in the woods ,the only bad thing was that there were mosquitos everywhere ,so we had to wear long sleeves  even though it was roasting hot .Some of the posts were really far away from the field. After orienteering, we headed back to go and have some free time in our dorms .At 25 past 5 the ear bursting bell went for dinner, then we all met in the lounge before we  went to eat dinner  by Holly .


Dinner was very nice and yummy the food was pizza, cheese or peperoni, or chicken goujons sides were potatoes waffles or baked potatoes, we had pudding which was cake and it was very yummy. After tea we went outside to play and there were lots and lots of midges.

                                                 WE HAD A GREAT FIRST DAY AT PLAS CAERDEON!!!


 By Holly and Grace

Monday 19th June

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