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Penguin Class Year 2



Spring Term 1


Welcome back after the Christmas break. I hope that everyone had a visit from Santa and got everything they wanted. 

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This term our focus text is Pirates next door by Jonny Duddle.  We will be writing wanted posters, character and setting descriptions, newspaper reports, adverts to persuade, holiday leaflets, letters and instructions  We'll be using our story writing skills to write the next adventures of the Jolly Rogers and Matilda. We will be focusing on writing narratives that are well structured, cohesive and will think carefully about our word and sentence choices.  We will be remembering punctuation, especially apostrophes for possession and questions for effect.  We will learn to extend and link our sentences with conjunctions and pronouns that will help our writing become more cohesive.  After we have finished writing we will learn to edit our work carefully, and improve it.



In Maths we will be developing our multiplication and division methods though grouping and sharing using objects, images and number lines. We will work on statistics, and learning to name 2D and 3D regular/irregular shapes, and describe their properties whilst also discussing symmetry. 



We will be learning about the Caribbean and using a variety of sources to find out more information on landscape and climate so that we can begin to compare to places in the UK. We will locate them on maps and create our own maps. 



In Art we will be creating self portraits using shape, line and size. We will then further this learning by creating pirate portraits and then looking at the work of Andy Warhol to create Pop Art images of the pirates. 



Miss Phillips will be teaching the recorder and one of the Lion Cub parents has kindly offered to use her own time to develop an Infant choir so she will be singing with the children on alternate sessions. 



We will use computing to enhance learning in other subject areas through use of multimedia apps on the iPads. We will also be using the Kodable app to practise and develop our Coding skills



PE takes place on a Monday and Friday, and we will be working on Gymnastics using apparatus and the skills needed to play Team Games.  Can you please make sure that your child has a named PE kit in school each day, with a school PE T-shirt, a pair of school PE shorts, a pair of trainers/pumps and a pair of warmer joggers and top for outdoor sessions.  Please remember that for safety reasons the children cannot wear earrings for PE.  Can you make sure that your child can remove their earrings or please send tape to put over them. Thank you



We wil lrevisit our 'Materials' topic and look specifically at why materials are used for particular purposes through carrying out investigations.


In RE we will be looking at the importance of symbolism within the Christian religion. 



Homework will be sent home on a Friday and needs to be returned by Wednesday.  This half term we will be trialling thematic homeworks linked to the various curriculum areas. These can be chosen from the list (see Home Learning below) and completed in any order.  Sometimes homework may involve using the internet to access games and resources, please do speak to us if you have any problems accessing this at home.  The children will be taught to become responsible for putting their own homework book into the box by Wednesday.  They will be reminded but we appreciate your support with this.



Reading Books

We would like to encourage our children to develop a love of reading and ask you to support them as much as possible in their reading journey.  It is important that they read as often as possible and that they share their reading with an adult or fluent reader who can ask questions about what they have read and enjoys the content with them.  We ask that the children aim to read with an adult every day.  We have introduced a READING CHALLENGE:  read 5 times to an adult and children will earn a star.  For every 10 stars they earn there is a change to earn bronze, silver and gold certificates.  Don't forget that readers of all abilities still love and benefit enormously from having books read to them. The children can change their home reading books as often as they like from their colour basket and we will send books home electronically using the Bug Club books.  These are a fantastic resource so please do make use of it. We also encourage the children to read books from the class library, comics, cookery books, instruction manuals, magazines, age-appropriate websites and children's newspapers. 


Water Bottles

Please make sure your child has a named water bottle in school each day - it's thirsty work being in school and we have very limited supplies of cups for our water dispenser. 


Wet Playtime

Our cloakroom space is really limited this year so we have decided it would be best to avoid extra bags on pegs.  We will provide a range of suitable toys and equipment for the children to play with.