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Welcome Back to Autumn 2.


We hope you had a restful break and ready  for a jam packed 7 weeks  full of exciting learning, a workshop, singing  and of course... CHRISTMAS!

Our parent workshop is on Tuesday 21st November at 9am. Here, we invite families to a workshop where they can help and make artefacts and crafty things. 


This term's topic will be around 'hibernation' and Autumn. The children will be looking at the changing weather, nature and how that changes and the celebrations that families might have in this season, E.g bonfire night etc. During December, we will look at the story of The Nativity and the Christian festival of Christmas. In addition, the traditions that families do around this time of year. 


This term, the children will be consolidating recognition of numbers up to 10 and then onto 20. They will practise the formation of these numbers correctly as well. For Number, the children will identify which has more or less in a group, finding one more or one less using a number line, counting out from a large group time (seasons) and begin to explore addition and subtraction practical problems in class. In Shape, Space and Measure, the children will order items by length and height, sequence patterns and create patterns. 

Express Arts and Design

The home corner continues to be a popular choice with the children. It's so endearing to hear the conversations and situations the children come up with, when they are in this area. A 'small world hibernation tray' will be set up. This will provide the opportunities for the children to act out scenarios using the animals and their habitats. 

Creating collage pictures using the nature itself, replicating the autumnal skies at dusk using chalk and paint and the Christmas crafts that this term naturally brings, are just some of the arts and design the children will do.




Physical Development

This term, the children will be developing their gross motor skills in balancing and travelling using the floor and some equipment. The children continue to exercise their fine motor skills through 'dough disco', using water sprays, tweezers, nuts and bolts etc. 

We look forward to putting our observations onto tapestry which will show you the wonderful learning that is taking place with your child. Please continue to post your observations onto Tapestry. The children love seeing themselves and talking about what they have done.


Thank you for continuing support,


Please do not hesitiate to come and see us if you have any queries, 


Mrs Foster, Mrs Smith & Mrs Knight