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Spellings Autumn 1

For Friday 27th October

Blue Group - because, children, wild, witches, matched, French, drinking, wrinkles, hanger


Green Group - door, poor, floor, witch, twitch, pinch, pinched, stank, hang, sting


Red Group - Mrs Hibbert's words

A and S - oa words

T and Z - ow words



For Friday 20th October


Blue Group - here, there, where, spoonful, balloon, prove, improve, threw, June, Tuesday


Green Group - was, they, said, flew, drew, true, blue, tune, June, spoon


Red Group - Mrs Hibbert's work

For Friday 13th October

Blue Group -  ‘o’ sound

tomatoes, homeless, follow, broke, most, only, both, clothes, snowflake, throat


Green Group - ‘o’ sound

boat, toast, grow, below, toe, hope, most, both, hero, heroes


Red Group - Work provided by Mrs Hibbert

For Friday 6th October

 Blue Group - behind, climb, eye, reply, replied, highlight, invite, invited, delight, frightening 


 Green Groupbehind, climb, eye, cry, cries, cried, light, delight, inside, invite, behind, climb, eye


 Red Group - Mrs Hibbert's 'ai' words 

For Friday 29th September

Blue Group - even, every, everybody, chimney, fluffy, these, complete, seaside, mischief, seesaw


Green Group - even, every, everybody, greet, teach, donkey, happy, field, seesaw, these


Red Group - words provided by Mrs Hibbert


For Friday 22nd September


Blue Group - today, says, again, they, rainbow, grey, display, sleigh, frame, apron


Green Group - today, says, again, they, rain, wait, play, way, came. take


Red Group - Mrs Hibbert's words



The children are divided into 3 groups for spelling. The colour group your child belongs to is shown as a sticker on their name sticker on the front of their spelling book. Their spellings are stuck into their book on a sticker with the date they need to be learnt for written on it. The spellings will be tested on a Friday morning.

Some children do find learning their spellings easy but others find it a lot trickier.

Here are some ideas to help you:

1. Use your spelling book to write the word, look at it, cover it up and try to write it from memory (Look, cover, check).

2. Ask your child to write the word onto a word document on the computer. If it is spelt wrong then the word will be underlined. You could ask your child to right -click and see if they can read the right word - just check they haven't spelt  another word correctly though!

3. Use Scrabble type letters - you can make your own - and give your child the right letters in the wrong order. Can they reorder them correctly?

4. If you have magnetic letters on your fridge door can you spell the words correctly then when your child isn't looking try to trick them by changing 2 letters?

5. You can ask them to write the words in sand or use a paintbrush to paint the words with water on a path. 

6. What patterns do they see in the word to help them remember it?

7. Use a mnemonic eg because - Big Elephants Can Always Understand Small Elephants.


All children will learn to spell in different ways - please be patient and encourage! Please write in the spelling diary which your child has any positives or problems you encounter.


Spellings for Friday 15th September

Blue Group -   love, come, some, give, have, sack, black, fluff, miss, buzz

Green Group - love, come, some, give, have, sack, black, fluff, miss, buzz

Red Group -  separate words provided by Mrs Hibbert