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Spellings Autumn 2

For Friday 15th September


Blue Group -  floor, door, poor, morning, before, autumn, because, sauce, bought, crawl


Green Groupfloor, door, poor,storm, sport, because, launch, more, shore, crawl


Mrs Hibbert's Red Group - 'ure' words

For Friday 8th December


Blue Group - (air, ear, are) sugar, eye, could, early, pearl, careful, beware, stairway, fairly, square


Green Group - (air, ear, are) most, only, both, earth, learn, search, share, stare, pair, stair


Red Group - 'air' sound

For Friday 1st December


Blue Group -  common exception and alternative 'er' sound

prove, improve, sure, thirteen, thirty, circle, journey, worldwide, verse, larger


Green Group -  common exception and alternative 'er' sound

children, wild, climb, prouder, river, tighter, never, world, work, journey


Red Group - Mrs Hiibbert's 'ear' words




For Friday 24th November


Blue Group - after, father, hour, instead, treasure, threaten, heavy, weather, whether, whistle


Green Group - mind, behind, child, read, ready, health, heaven, heavy, whale, white


Red Group - words from Mrs Hibbert

For Friday 17th November

Blue Group - great, pretty, beautiful, carve, March, almond, father, half, halves, balmy


Green Group - because, find, kind, car, cartoon, shark, half, large, March, father


Red Group - working with Mrs Hibbert