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Spellings Spring 2

For Friday 23rd March

Blue Group - Common exception and le, il, and el

our, prove, sure, middle, grumble, quarrel, marvel, accidental, table, devil


Green Group - Common exception  and air, are and ear

class, pass, grass, hairy, chairs, wearing, earned, careful, dare, search


Red Group - Common Exception and are words

people, their, care, stare, dare, share


For Friday 16th March

Blue Group - common exception and sion / tion

again, half, money, station, question, television, mission, decision, caution, action


Green Group - common exception and alternative 'o' sound

fast last, past, groan, broke, stone, grow, though, boast, float


Red Group - common exception and air words

could, there, air, pair, fair, stair

For Friday 9th March


Blue Group

clothes, busy, water, magic, giant, legend, village, imagine, energy, bridge


Green Group

pretty, beautiful, after, bean, beanstalk, climbed, inside, afraid, spied, high


Red Group

Mr, Mrs, bean, called, Jack. oh