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Wednesday 20th June

Hi this is Zach, year 5

Today we walked about 3 hours! To be honest, my legs were hurting for the first 1 and a half hours of the trip. The rest of it was fine. Well at least I had my friends with me. There was this plant that we were told about called foxglove.  It is very poisonous, can make you weak and it can slow your heart down. I was in Mr. Hewson’s group. Was Mr. Hewson telling jokes I here you ask?  Yes he was! The walk was very exciting and we learned a lot of interesting things. Like there was a sphagnum moss that if you get dirty water in it, it soaked  it up. If you wait up about 20 to 30 seconds then if you squeeze it in your hands it makes it clear and all of the mud will be gone. There will still be the microscopic particles in it. It was still fun and not just an old boring walk! It was actually fun. smileysmileysmiley