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Wednesday 21st June

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On Wednesday morning we set off in the mini bus to go canoeing. First of all we unloaded the canoes from the trailer and carried them to the bank. It took us a while to get use to the momentum of the canoe but after a while we were chasing each other around the lake. Lei our group instructor taught us a game where we had to escape from one of our team who was the shark and then if we were caught we were sharks too. Mrs Hayward was the shark and we were all the fish. Then we all got together in the centre of the lake and linked boats. Grace went first. She walked across all our canoes and then … splash … she jumped in. After we all had a go we made a water slide with the back of a canoe. It was so fun! Afterwards we went on a long walk up the Tyn-y-Coed and through a temperate rain forest. We were very unlucky as it tipped it down and we got soaked however it was worth because along with the amazing views we got some sun!! Finally we trekked back to Caerdeon to get some dinner and watch Zootropilis!  


By Millie and Ada

 Today was a hard day but it was also really fun. We did a ropes course and kayaking they were both pretty good but also really worrying.  Today I got up had my breakfast and had and had a bit of free time with my friends. Eventually we went out with our instructor told us what we needed to wear and put on for clothing but it didn’t end there. All I saw was sun cream all over me, but then we were off to the ropes course. It was a short journey but we were there in a flash . First it was the zip wire. It looked very steep, but we were strapped on to it there were 2 groups keep swapping around but 1 person was on the zip wire at a time, and a group at the bottom that had to catch you and un hook you. Then you were the one catching and 1 other person would go up. When it was my turn my legs were shaking but eventually gathered up the courage to jump and I went flying down with excitement. I went 3 times but I got used to it. About an hour later we were of kayaking in a car with our swimming gear. Then we arrived at the lake. We had a red float that kept us floating eventually. We got into the kayaks but I was worried because I couldn’t swim. Everyone was in except me.  Everybody made it in fine so I got in my kayak with my paddle and went in and splash I was flying around the lake learning how to do the basic controls.  So then we played games.  Then I was getting out to get the kayak to put them away once they were away we went for a little swim but because of the jacket  I was fine. Then we got back into the van to get back to the house. Then it was tea time. I had meat balls with mash and then we watched a movie night and that’s how Wednesday day went.

By Lewis