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Year 2

Rainforests and Jungles

This term our topic is Rainforests and Jungles.  We will be finding out about the geography, climate and animals of rainforests around the world.  We will be using information books and storybooks to find out what we need to know.  We will have lots of opportunities to write with more independence and we will be editing and improving our own writing by correcting spellings, punctuation and making better word choices.  



NOTICE:  Our residential trip to Tattenhall will take place on 29th/30th June.  This is a fun couple of days, with a range of outdoor, team building and art activities to enjoy.  It is enjoyed enormously by the children and staff.  There will be a meeting about arrangements for Tattenhall at the end of this half term.  


Here are some of the exciting things we will be learning this term:



We will be writing for lots of different audiences and for different purposes including:

  • Non-chronological reports about animals and the rainforests

  • Letter writing to help protect the wildlife of the rainforest

  • Instructional writing - how to grow vegetables/plants

  • Creative writing set in the rainforest.

Our focus will be on developing neat, joined handwriting, correct punctuation including apostrophes for contractions, developing use of different sentence types e.g. questions, exclamations and commands, accurate spelling of common exception words and words with suffixes.


Spelling and writing homework will be sent home to support the work we are doing in school.  We would appreciate your continued support with this and encourage children to present their work neatly using a sharp pencil.  Please encourage them to check their spellings of common exception words.



We are continuing to develop mental arithmetic skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and applying this in problem solving tasks.  We will continue our work on developing reasoning skills in measure:  length, mass, capacity and temperature.  We will start a unit on naming, describing and sorting 2D and 3D shapes which will include problem solving and reasoning skills.  We will also learn about position, direction and movement and data handling.


On Fridays we will be revisiting some of the topics which we have covered during the year e.g. missing numbers in +, -, x and ÷ problems (including inverse) , fractions of a shape and a number, 2x 5x and 10x times tables, odds and evens and using coins to make different amounts of money.


We have sent home log in details for the diagnostic questions website.  These daily questions will support your child with the maths expected of them in Year 2.



We will be comparing climates and physical/human features of the rainforest of South America. We will be using a compass to give directions and describe position.  



Our history work will start after half term and will focus on comparing the lives and achievements of famous explorers such as Christopher Columbus.


Design Technology

We will be learning about pneumatics and will make pneumatic animals to link with our work on rainforests.



Tattenhall will have an arts focus and we will enjoy a workshop run by a specialist.  We are planning to use natural resources such as willow and clay in our art work.



Miss Phillips will be working with Penguins where they will be learning to play the recorder. 



The children have 2 PE lessons a week - can you please make sure that they have a named PE kit in school each day which has a school PE T-shirt, a pair of school PE shorts, a pair of trainers/pumps and a pair of warmer joggers for the cooler weather. 

Please remember that for safety reasons the children cannot wear earrings for PE.  Can you make sure that your child can remove their earrings or please send tape to put over them. Thank you.



Throughout the week your children will be helped in their learning or taught by:


Mrs Shipley - Monday to Thursday

Mrs Gregg - Friday


Our teaching assistants are Mrs Davies, Miss Taylor, Mrs Hibbert and Miss Phillips.




We will continue with our spelling tests on a Friday and the children will then be given their spellings for the following week. The children's words for this half term will again be a combination of words which they are looking at in Letters and Sounds which will have the same phonic blend, and a group of words from the Common Exception words for Year 2. The spellings will always be available on the website.

Your child will be expected to spell these words in their independent writing:

Image result for common exception words year 2


Comprehension and SPaG

This term in our  lessons with Mrs Gregg we will be looking at comprehension and elements of spelling, punctuation and grammar. We will be looking at different types of text and different types of questions.   This will link with our work on Life Cycles in Science and our topic of Rainforests.



Our topic for this half term is 'Life Cycles'. We will be looking at the life cycles of animals where the baby is a smaller version of the adult ie humans and hens, and animals which are very different when they are an adult ie frogs and butterflies. We will also talking about the life cycles of plants which will link in with our sunflowers which we are growing. 



Homework will be sent home on a Friday and needs to be returned by Wednesday.  This will include a set piece of English and Maths homework which supports the work we have done in the week.  In addition we there will be weekly spellings and reading to practise at home.  Sometimes homework may involve using the internet to access games and resources, please do speak to us if you have any problems accessing this at home.  The children will know where to put their homework books when they bring them back to school. 

The spellings will come home in their spelling book and will also be on this class page. Some children are very lucky and find spelling easy other children are not so lucky and find spelling a bit trickier. As we start to send spellings home there will be a spelling link on this class page with ideas on how to help your child with spelling. 


Reading Books

We would like to encourage our children to develop a love of reading and ask you to support them as much as possible in their reading journey.  It is important that they read as often as possible and that they share their reading with an adult or fluent reader who can ask questions about what they have read and enjoys the content with them.  We ask that the children aim to read with an adult 5 times a week and signs their reading record regularly.  We have introduced a READING CHALLENGE:  read 5 times to an adult and children will earn 3 dojos and the chance of winning a small prize.  Don't forget that readers of all abilities still love and benefit enormously from having books read to them. The children can change their home reading books as often as they like from their colour basket and we will send books home electronically using the Bug Club books.  We also encourage the children to read books from the class library, comics, cookery books, instruction manuals, magazines, age-appropriate websites and children's newspapers. 


Water Bottles

Please make sure your child has a named water bottle in school each day - it's thirsty work being in school!


Wet Playtime Bags

Can you please ensure that your child has a bag of activities on their peg for them to use at wet playtimes. It can contain colouring books, crayons, stickers or anything you think that is a sensible choice of a wet playtime activity. The children love their wet playtime bags and love to share their activities and ideas with the other children.