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Year 2


This first half term our topic is The Great Fire of London Image result for fire of london bakery


We have lots of interesting activities planned for us to find out about the Great Fire of London that happened in 1666. 


We will be reading information books, website and first hand recounts of the fire.  We will be raising questions and exploring answers to these questions.  We will use drama to re-enact parts of the story and will be writing our own diary extracts as if we were in London during that time.  We will be writing diary extracts and information recounts as well has improving some of our narrative skills such as setting description. Lots of work will be spent on remembering how to punctuate our work accurately and spell common exception words correctly.  We will also be developing our vocabulary and making our writing interesting with adjectives and adverbs.



We will be looking at Place Value before moving on to Addition and Subtraction.  Do you know what each digit in a two or three digit number is worth?  Can you use number lines to order, compare, add and subtract numbers?  We will be understanding odd and even numbers as well as counting on and back in steps of 2, 3, 5 and 10.  We also need to learn how to write the numbers to 100 in numerals and words.  Number bonds and facts are really important so practise recalling all the ways to make 10, 20 and 100.



Our Great Fire of London topic is the main focus this half term and we will be learning about this important historical event in our history.  We will use timelines to sequence events and will learn about people who were significant during this time.  We will raise questions and try to find out all the answers through research.  We will compare the fire service over time.


Design Technology

We will be looking at moving vehicles with wheels and axles so that we can plan and make our own vehicles such as fire trucks.



Music from Jonah the Whale will be use to encourage good listening and responding in Miss Phillips' lessons this term.



PE takes place on a Monday and Tuesday afternoon.  Can you please make sure that your child has a named PE kit in school each day, with a school PE T-shirt, a pair of school PE shorts, a pair of trainers/pumps and a pair of warmer joggers for the cooler weather. 

Please remember that for safety reasons the children cannot wear earrings for PE.  Can you make sure that your child can remove their earrings or please send tape to put over them. Thank you.



Throughout the week your children will be helped in their learning or taught by:


Mrs Shipley - Monday to Thursday

Mrs Gregg - Friday


Our teaching assistants are Mrs Davies, Mrs Hibbert and Miss Phillips.


From Mrs Gregg


I will be teaching the class on a Friday.


On a Friday, we will start the day with a spelling test. The spellings to learn will be sent home the previous Friday. The words will be based on the words and sound patterns the children are working on in Letters and Sounds and the common exception words for Year 2. The words will always be available on the website if your child’s spelling book doesn’t come home! Our spelling lessons will be supported by Mrs Davies and Mrs Hibbert.


We will then move onto science. Our science topic for this term is ‘Changing Materials’ and we will be looking at changing a variety of materials with forces such as pushing, pulling, stretching, twisting and bending.


After break we will be binging our science topic into our SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) lessons where we will be looking at adjectives, adverbs, nouns and verbs related to materials. Our SPaG lessons will be supported by Miss Phillips. Information about the areas we are covering will be available in the SPaG area of our class page on the website. Some weeks instead of SPaG we will use this time to do a longer piece of writing for our science or RE topics.


In the afternoon, we will have a mental maths lesson where the children will be playing games to reinforce number bonds, addition, subtraction and looking at SAT’s type mental arithmetic tests.


We will then move onto RE. Our Big Question for this half term is, ‘What do we know about the Bible and what makes it special to Christians?’ I will be encouraging the children to be a detective and to try to get deeper into understanding of the question.


The children will bring home their homework and spellings on a Friday and if the weather is fine I will also put out the lost property from our class and water bottles so you can claim what is your child’s and take it home for a wash!



Homework will be sent home on a Friday and needs to be returned by Wednesday.  This will include a set piece of English and/or Maths homework which supports the work we have done in the week.  In addition we there will be weekly spellings and reading to practise at home.  Sometimes homework may involve using the internet to access games and resources, please do speak to us if you have any problems accessing this at home.  The children will be taught to become responsible for putting their own homework book into the box by the door by Wednesday.  They will be reminded but we appreciate your support with this.


The spellings will come home in their spelling book and will also be on this class page. Some children are very lucky and find spelling easy other children are not so lucky and find spelling a bit trickier. As we start to send spellings home there will be a spelling link on this class page with ideas on how to help your child with spelling. 

Sometimes there might be a talking science homework to help to reinforce the vocabulary we have used in school.


Reading Books

We would like to encourage our children to develop a love of reading and ask you to support them as much as possible in their reading journey.  It is important that they read as often as possible and that they share their reading with an adult or fluent reader who can ask questions about what they have read and enjoys the content with them.  We ask that the children aim to read with an adult every day.  We have introduced a READING CHALLENGE:  read 5 times to an adult and children will earn a star.  For every 10 stars they earn there is a change to earn bronze, silver and gold certificates .  Don't forget that readers of all abilities still love and benefit enormously from having books read to them. The children can change their home reading books as often as they like from their colour basket and we will send books home electronically using the Bug Club books.  These are a fantastic resource so please do make use of it. We also encourage the children to read books from the class library, comics, cookery books, instruction manuals, magazines, age-appropriate websites and children's newspapers. 


Water Bottles

Please make sure your child has a named water bottle in school each day - it's thirsty work being in school and we have very limited supplies of cups for our water dispenser. 


Wet Playtime

Our cloakroom space is really limited this year so we have decided it would be best to avoid extra bags on pegs.  We will provide a range of suitable toys and equipment for them to play.