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Year 3

Year 3

Hello Lemurs, welcome to Key Stage 2. 


We have an exciting and engaging year ahead with lots of activities planned. I am really looking forward to meeting you all and getting our rules and routines in place to enable a fun and nurturing learning environment. This half term we will be visiting the Stone Age, becoming Petrologists and making cave paintings. We will be joining the carnival of the animals, learning French and completing our Maths and English work! 

I am really excited to start working with you all and to build our super year three team. 

Parents, I have an open door policy so please come and meet me and if you have any questions/queries please do not hesitate to ask. 




This half term we will be working with Number and Place Value and then moving onto Addition and Subtraction. Please see our calculation policy on the school website so that your child is consistently learning the school method.  We will be counting in multiples of 4,8, 50 and 100 at the beginning of every lesson to help us with our number knowledge. We will then be achieving targets such as:

  • Recognising the place value of a three digit number.
  • Comparing and ordering numbers up to 100.
  • Identifying, representing and estimating numbers.
  • Reading and writing numbers up to 1000.
  • Solving number and practical problems with these skills.

For Addition and Subtraction we will work towards:

  • Adding three digit numbers and hundreds.
  • Formal and columnar methods of addition and subtraction.
  • Estimating answers and inverse operations.
  • Solving problems including missing number problems, using number facts and place value, and more complex addition and subtraction problems.




In English we will be reading The Stone Age Boy story, our Art, History and Science work will also be linked to this book. We will kick start our Stone Age project with a get outside the classroom day. On Thursday 14th September we will go on a trek to look for signs of animals to track and wild food as gatherers. We will make string from nettles and wire from brambles before building our own Stone Age shelters. We will truly immerse in the Stone Age life and you will be given a number of writing opportunities such as character descriptions, setting descriptions, Instructions on how to catch a Woolly Mammoth and more.


Spellings, Handwriting and The Reading Challenge


Our class book is Stig of the dump and I will be reading to you most days. It is highly important that you still read with your parents frequently and that your parents read to you. The reading challenge we be started in September to reward frequent reading, I know you can achieve these certificates. If you read 5 times within a week then you will earn a stamp in your reading record.  If you earn 10 stamps then you will receive a bronze certificate in celebration assembly. You will need to collect a further 10 stars to get a silver and then a gold certificate. Please make sure you bring your reading record and book into school every day in order to keep track of your reading and make sure somebody signs your diary.

We will have handwriting every morning, year 3 and 4 are important years to receive your pen licence. There isn’t a rush for pens so you shouldn’t worry if you do not receive your pen licence I will be noticing how hard you are working in your books and praise will be given. Spellings will also be given out every week to be learnt and tasted the week later.




Our Science will link with our Stone Age theme and we will become Petrologists, eventually designing our own Stone Age house to put on the market! Our Rock Detective work will include the comparison and grouping of different types of rocks as well as looking at fossils and different soils. I have lots of different items to be shared with you but if you have your own fossils or igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic rocks that you would like to show the class, then please bring them in!  




We will look at the changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age in History. This will include the late Neolithic hunter gatherers, the early farmers and ancient landmarks such a Skara Brae. We will look at Bronze Age religion, technology and travel including Stonehenge and Iron Age hill forts, tribal kingdoms, farming, art and culture.



Our big question in RE will ask Why the Qur’an is important to Muslims? Within this topic we will find out about the Qur’an as the sacred text of Islam and we will find out how the Qur’an is treated by Muslims.



I will join you with Mr Hall on a Tuesday morning for PE and Mr Kelly will take our afternoon PE session on a Wednesday morning. Our PE skills are athletics and football. Please make sure you bring your PE kit with the correct uniform for both PE sessions.  




Mrs Hibbert will be exploring cave paintings with you in Art. The cave paintings link to your English and History lessons whilst giving you sketch book skills, researching different art and experimenting with different colours.




Now we are in KS2, we will be looking at keeping ourselves clean. 




We will enter Hectors’ world, all about E-Safety. We will look at how to keep ourselves safe online, plagiarism and how to use some of the school apps safely. We will maximise our computing knowledge with Purple Mash, copy and pasting images and typing our own information leaflets.



Miss Phillips will help us to explore Saint-Saens Carnival of the Animals. Our topic will include listening to and interpreting music as well as body composition. The children will carry out performances, recordings and self-assessments.


Homework and Spellings


Maths and English homework will be given to you every Wednesday, to return to school the following Monday. Your spellings will be given out and tested every Tuesday. There is a homework and spellings tab on the Year 3 webpage where you can find your homework electronically.

Maths homework will be through the My Maths website which you should already have log in details for. I have a spare copy if needed.

If you are finding any homework difficult and you would like guidance or extra practice then please attend homework club on a Thursday lunchtime with Mrs Rashid and I in Year 4.


I am looking forward to being part of Lemurs’ team in Year 3!