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Year 3

Look at our amazing video about plastic in the ocean - made by Aoife. Well done Aoife!

Year 3

Hello Lemurs,                    


I cannot believe you have nearly completed your time in Year 3 and you will soon be ready to venture into Year 4! I am really pleased with the maturity and progress that you have all shown this year.

The last half term for Year 3 is a very important one. We will be joining the Zoo Project to help stop plastics being littered around our beaches. These plastics are harming our sea life and so we will be joining with the Marine Conservation Society to raise awareness. Most of our lessons will be planned around plastics and how we can help to stop pollution. 

I am really excited to continue working with you all - our super year three team!

Parents, I have an open door policy so please come and meet me and if you have any questions/queries please do not hesitate to ask. 




This half term we will be working with shapes, perimeters of shapes and data collection for statistics. 

We will need to:

  • draw 2-D shapes and make 3-D shapes using modelling materials; recognise 3-D shapes in different orientations and describe them
  • recognise angles as a property of shape or a description of a turn
  • identify right angles, recognise that two right angles make a half-turn, three make three quarters of a turn and four a complete turn; identify whether angles are greater than or less than a right angle
  • identify horizontal and vertical lines and pairs of perpendicular and parallel lines.
  • interpret and present data using bar charts, pictograms and tables
  • solve one-step and two-step questions [for example, ‘How many more?’ and ‘How many fewer?’] using information presented in scaled bar charts and pictograms and tables.



We will be reading The Seal Surfer book by Micheal Foreman. We will use our prediction and imagination skills to help the seal with plastics in the ocean. 

We will be using our passion and dictionary skills to make our writing descriptive and to use emotive language, capturing the readers interest. 

We will focus again on grouping related ideas into paragraphs and using an increasing range of sentence structures.

English will join with all other subjects so we will fully immerse our learning into the life of the animals in the water.


Spellings, Handwriting and The Reading Challenge


There are lots of children who have nearly managed to gain their silver/gold reading certificate! The competition in the classroom is buzzing and it is brilliant to see that the children are enjoying their reading, please keep this up! For the children that have reached Gold, Mrs Rashid has a new level up her sleeve, Platinum Level! We have some new books that the children can take home to read, they are KS2 level books to improve understanding.  It is highly important that you still read with your parents frequently and that your parents read to you.

As a reminder - If you read 5 times within a week then you will earn a stamp in your reading record.  If you earn 10 stamps then you will receive a bronze certificate in celebration assembly. You will need to collect a further 10 stars to get a silver and then a gold certificate. Please make sure you bring your reading record and book into school every day in order to keep track of your reading and make sure somebody signs your diary.

We will have handwriting every morning in year 3 and some children have gained their pen licence. There isn’t a rush for pens so you shouldn’t worry if you do not receive your pen licence yet, I will be noticing how hard you are working in your books and praise will be given. Spellings will also be given out every week to be learnt and tested the week later.




We will begin looking at the food and nutrition that an animal needs to survive. We will look at where this comes from and how it is transported through the body. We will then begin testing different materials for our important protest to Haribo. We will look at their sweet wrappers against the substitute materials which could be used. We will test which materials float and which sink/ dissolve. We will then write to Haribo, telling them our ideas and suggestions.  



Our big question in RE will ask How Muslims show their love of Allah. We will look at the ways in which a baby is welcomed in to the world. We will look at a parent's responsibility for their children and we will compare how a Mosque is different to a church inside. 



I will join you with Mr Hall on a Tuesday morning for PE and Mr Kelly will take our afternoon PE session on a Wednesday morning. Please make sure you come to school in a PE kit on a Tuesday and Wednesday with your correct uniform to change back into.   



This exciting project will use recycled plastics to make our own aquarium. The children will explore the the use of life size items to make a fish tank. They will look at the texture and colour of materials to see which will best suit each aquarium part. The children will need to work in pairs to make their best final product and they will need to discuss and share ideas to decide their final piece. 



The Marine Conservation Soceity have sent us lots of items to look at. We will begin PSHE writing to our charity so that we can ask relevant questions. We will then secure our learning of how charities work before continuing to make information posters and running our own charity event to help this great cause.



Computing links well with Maths this term, we will be using tally charts, bar charts and pictograms to make data about our Zoo Project. When we are secure with our learning, the children will get the chance to revisit one of three programmes on the I pad. They will make a Pic collage, an I movie or a bar chart to present at our final Zoo Project Presentation day. 



Miss Phillips will complete music on a Tuesday afternoon with us. We will look at the sound of music, the range of notes we can use. note names and singing. 


Homework and Spellings


Maths and English homework will be given to you every Wednesday, to return to school the following Monday. Your spellings will be given out and tested every Tuesday. There is a homework and spellings tab on the Year 3 webpage where you can find your homework electronically.

Maths homework will be through the My Maths website which you should already have log in details for. I have a spare copy if needed.

If you are finding any homework difficult and you would like guidance or extra practice then please attend homework club on a Thursday lunchtime with Mrs Rashid and I in Year 4.


Let's keep up the hard work and have another fantastic half term in Lemurs' Class. 

Watch our World Book Day videos! Find more on the English page :)

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