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Year 6


Welcome back to a new term, and your child’s last year at Parkgate Primary School. Year 6 is an important year for the children and one focus will be helping them to transfer smoothly to their next school. A part of this will be preparation for SATs, however we shall also be encouraging the children to become more independent and take more responsibility for their personal organisation to help them when they get to Secondary School.


There are many roles that the Year 6 carry out around the school such as being ‘buddies’ to the new children in reception, volunteering as playleaders and taking on jobs around the school. This year some jobs will be rotated so that all children who want a role can have one. The Year 6 also run their own stalls at the Christmas Fair. More details will be sent out about this after half term.


As a school we appreciate that some year 6 children are being allowed to walk to and from school on their own to develop their independence. If your child is walking home alone, please can you confirm this in writing. Some of these children are also bring mobile phones to school. These must not be used on school premises and will be collected first thing in the morning and kept in the school office and then collected at the end of the day.


This half term we have a trip planned to Chester Cathedral to visit the ARC sculpture exhibition. This will link into our Art. We also have a visiting local author, Sue Hoffmann, coming in in October to talk about her adventure story ' The High King'. On the 10th October we will be visiting Rivacre Valley to carry out field studies at Rivacre Brook.


Key Dates for this half term.



Tuesday26th September am

ARC Sculpture Exhibition, Chester £4

 Monday 2nd October  Author Visit
Tuesday 3rd October  Parents Workshop 9 - 9.45 am

Tuesday 3rd October

 SATs meeting 5.30pm
 Tuesday 10th October  Field Trip to Rivacre Valley
 Friday 20th October  Outside the Classroom Day

Wednesday 15th November pm

Crucial Crew (Making Safe Choices workshop) £7.50



14th May  2018 – KS2 SATs week.

During this week the children will be having their SAT tests in Reading, Spelling Punctuation and Grammar and Maths. Writing is assessed by the teacher and the results have to be entered by mid-June. Although the curriiculum is building up to this all year, we will be starting our revision programme after February half term. After Christmas I will be sending out information about Revision Materials that can be purchased through the school and a reduced cost. I will also be putting together a bank of web-based resources that can be used to support your child. There will be a meeting for Parents on Tuesday 3rd October at 5.30pm to look at this in more detail. Please avoid booking holidays during the revision/ SATs period.


SATs Information Evening

Plas Caerdeon


The dates for this year's Plas Caerdeon Trip are the 18th June 2018 to 22nd June 2018. Once again this trip will be offered to Year 5 and Year 6. This will be a joint trip with Bishop Wilson Primary School. The cost of last year's trip was £260. I anticipate the cost being similar this year. More details about the trip will be coming out this half term and we will be requesting a deposit of £30 by 27th October to secure a place for your child on the trip.




Each child will be given two homework books, one for English and one for Maths. The homework will be sent out on a Wednesday and due in on a Monday. Spelling will be posted on the link below, along with other homework when this is appropriate. Mr Hewson and I will be running a homework club on a Thursday lunchtime when children can choose to do their homework in school time.  will be sent out with the first homework. It is still extremely important that children continue to practise their tables and read regularly.



Our focus this half term is Rivers. We will be studying the location of the major rivers of the world and their features. As part of this we will study the different stages of a river and how rivers are formed. We shall also be looking at the impact of rivers on people, especially how people prepare for natural disasters such as flooding. We shall be looking at the impact of flooding in this country and in Bangladesh.




After half term we will book looking at Ancient Islamic Civilisations. We will be comparising life in Baghdad at the time with life in London. Our focus will be on inventions and scientific discoveries that were made at the time, and how these impact on our lives today.



In Science this half term we are looking at Animals and Their Habitats. We shall be focusing on how scientists classify animals and how these systems have changed over time. Following on from this we shall be looking at the work of Mary Anning and Charles Darwin and how their discoveries help our understanding of the world today.


After half term we will be studying Light. We will be investigating how light moves in straight lines and how Sir Isaac Newton used a prism to investigate the properties of light.



We will be starting the year looking at informal and formal writing, based around our Geography Topic of Rivers. Following this we will be writing our own adventure stories based on The High KIng, by Sue Hoffmann. After half term we will be using The London Eye Mystery by Siobhan Dowd to look at different writing genre including persuasive writing and debates.


It is very important that the children continue to read a wide range of fiction and non-fiction regularly. Please can you support them in keeping their reading record books up-to-date and sign the books when they read so that we can record this our Reading Challenge board.  The children need to make sure that they have their Reading Record Books in school in on the days they have Guided Reading.


Each week we shall be concentrating on a different spelling pattern. The children will be given spellings to learn on Wednesday for the following Monday. These are in the homework section of the webpage. Spellings from the previous weeks are also on this page. Encourage your child to be self-correcting these spellings in writing that they do at home.




This term the focus of our Maths is on place value and calculating. We will be investigation effective ways to calculate mentally and also practising written calculation methods for addition, subtration, multipication and division. The maths 'How to Videos' show the methods that we teach the children. These are also set out in the Maths Calculation Policy which is on the Maths page on the Curriculum section of the Website. When your children are doing their homework, or any maths at home encourage them to decide which method is most appropriate - mental or written.


Tables fluency is very important. We will be continuing with the Rainbow Tables Challenge that the children are familliar with from Year 5. Once they are fluent, then they are challenged by applying their tables to fractions, decimals and percentages.


Some of the Maths homework is set using MyMaths, if there is a problem accessing the internet at home the children can do this at school at homework club.

Art and Design Technology

Our art this term links to our visit to the ARC Sculpture Exhibition at Chester Cathedral. We will be looking at contempory artists that are exhibited there, including Barbara Hepworth, Anthony Gormley and Damien Hurst. Following out trip we will be creating our own 'installations' around the school grounds.

After half term we will be looking at textiles in DT and will be designing and making our own mobile phone cases.



We shall be covering a unit using the work of Anne Meredith to explore body percussion in music.



This half term we will be looking at E-Safety and discussing with the children how to keep themselves safe on the internet and how to make the correct choices. After half term we will be creating multimedia presentation with a range of different apps including video programmes and animation packages. We will then be using these skills throughout the year to create presentations of our work in all curriculum areas.



In French we will be learning to use action verbs and create sentences. We shall be starting to use some adverbs.


Mr Kelly is continuing to take PE on Wednesday, he will be taking games outdoors. Our second PE session will be dance on a Thursday morning. Make sure that you have PE kit in school on these days. As the weather gets colder make sure you have a hat, gloves and a water bottle. Please make sure that all your kit is clearly labelled with your name.


On Monday afternoons the class will be taken by Mrs Webster. Mrs Webster will be delivering RE during these afternoons. One of our PE sessions will be led by Mr Kelly, who worked with us last year, our Music will be led by Miss Phillips.