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15th October


Please only return your reading books on Fridays as we are keeping books that have returned from home separate until the following week. Thank you. 


Below are words for the children to practise reading. These words match up with the words the children are reading in stories in school. Please practise some each week.

Miss Morris' group please select the Green story words. Mrs Knight/Mrs Hibbert's group please select the Red story words.



This week in maths we have progressed to comparing numbers using the language 'more than', 'less than' and 'equal to' and we  the more than and less than symbols ( < and >). We remember these by imagining they are a hungry crocodile who wants a big dinner - so their mouth is open towards the biggest group of objects/number.


Have a go at the comparing numbers worksheet - comparing the numbers using 'more than/less than' and then the second sheet comparing them using the symbols. Optional challenge questions have been attached.