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This week we are starting to look at the story of Macbeth by William Shakespear. Watch the vidoe clip first to find out about the beginning of the story.

Task 1


Watch the start of the story of Macbeth. Summarise the story in 50 words.

Task 2


Use the powerpoint to help you write a setting.

Task 3


This week we are revising relative clauses (you did them in Year 5!)

Go through the Powerpoint and then complete the two worksheets.

Task 4

Macbeth was victorious in the Battle against the Norwegians and the rebel Scots. Imaging the you were one of the soldiers in the battle. Write about what happened in the battle. Make sure you tell the reader how brave and great Macbeth was.

Ensure that you use relative clauses in your writing.

Task 5


Reading Comprehension