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Task 1

Watch the video clip of the next section of the story.


Draw a picture of the witches and annoate it with adjectives, adverbs and figurative language. This will help you with your writing later in the week.

Task 2


This powerpoint revises the different verb forms that you need to know in Year 6. This week we are looking at the Past Progressive that is on page 5. 


Have a look at it and then try the quiz. Try writing some senetnces using the past progressive that you could use ina description of Macbeth meeting the witches.

Task 4


Write from the viewpoint of Macbeth when he meets the witches. Make sure you include examples of the past progressive and great description and vocabulary. Think about your different sentence openers.

Task 4


Write a characcter description of Macbeth. You may want to use a 'gingerbread man' to think about what he is like on the outside and inside to help you with your writing.

Task 5

Reading Comprehension