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LO: I can create a vocabulary bank to describe a setting.


Listen to the story up to 'it was a spaceship'. What is the setting in our story at the beginning?


Imagine you are a toy that has been left out in the garden at night time. What can you see? What can you hear? How do you feel?


Fill in the senses grid with adjectives and noun phrases about what the toys can see, hear and feel.


LO: I can write a setting description using adjectives and 'and' to join words.


Use your senses grid from yesterday to write a setting description. Although you were pretending to be a toy yesterday, don't write your setting description in the first person. Include sentences about what the toys could see, hear and feel.


What kind of night was it when you were left outside? E.g. A _ winter night.

What could you see? E.g. The sky was dark and gloomy. The stars... The moon...

What could you hear? E.g. The wind was blowing through the trees. Dogs were barking in the distance. Leaves were rustling on the ground.

How did the toys feel? E.g. The toys felt _ and _.​​​​​​​


LO: I can create a story map.


Listen to all of the story -


What are the key events in the story. What happens at the beginning? Middle? End?


1. The toys are left outside.

2. A spaceship beams the toys up into it.

3. The alien is looking for his toy.

4. He takes them to the room of 1000 lost toys.

5. The alien sent the toys home and they had a party.

6. The toys go home and it is morning.The alien finds his teddy.


Create a story map - draw a picture to represent each key event. Practise using your story map to re-tell the story.​​​​​​​