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Foundation subjects



Complete a 'Wake up with Joe' 15 minute work out -

Choose some songs to dance to by searching 'Just Dance Kids'!



LO: I can gather and record data about transparent and opaque materials.




LO: I can develop the technique of cutting material and joining materials in a variety of ways.


Last week we had a look and learnt about lots of different puppets - sock puppets, finger puppets, hand puppets, rod puppets, string puppets and shadow puppets. 


Next week, we are going to design a puppet that we are going to make. Today we are going to practise cutting material and joining it in different ways - to find out which way will be best for us to use.


Using some material e.g. felt, practise cutting it. In school, we will be making small faces. Cut a small circle and then cut out some eyes, a nose, a mouth etc. Practise making the first one by joining the material together using glue. Then have a go at making another face and joining it together with sellotape. Repeat with staples (with an adult!) and any other ways you can think of e.g. sewing. Which way of joining the materials do you think will be best when we make our own puppets?



LO: I can understand how toys have changed through time.


Go through the information powerpoint - learning about toys from different decades.

On the worksheet - print off page 3 and put the dates in order. Then, read the information sheets and find out which toys were played with in each decade. Write them on to each date.



Here is this week's RE lesson.