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Continue to read at home each day. 

Oxford Owl/Read Write Inc. e-books:



Practise reading these set 2 sounds each day -


Each day there will be a Set 3 focus sound e.g. 'ea' and review sounds e.g. 'ph' and 'wh'. Practise reading the sounds and words containing the sounds. Ask an adult to choose 3 words containing the focus sound and 2 words from each review sound - spell them without looking. Use your fred fingers to help you - say the word and pinch the sounds e.g. d-r-ea-m.


Focus sound: 'aw'

Review sounds: 'u-e' 'o-e'





Today you are going to practise sight words and writing questions.

Online lesson -

Play the game, watch the video and complete activities 1 and 2. For activity 2 - how many different question words can you think of?


Today you are going to practise ordering coins and making amounts using coins.


Activity 1 - Have a go at ordering the coins. If you can't print, draw them in order.


Activity 2 - Have a go at the 'Make the total' worksheet. If you find one easy, challenge yourself to do a harder one.

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