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It's Friday and it's 'Hold a sentence' time.

Maths- Adding and Taking Away

Today's taking away is going to be using a number line.

Firstly, give your child a number line to 20. Give them a starting number say '11'... your child has to count back from that number, pointing to each number as they say it. 

Repeat this exercise a couple of times until your child is confident with this.


Below are some simple number sentences using a number line and images.

Tell your child, that 'take away' using a number line means we are going to jump back. If it says take away 3, we jump back 3, if it says take away 6, we jump back ??

Write out a simple number sentence... 4 -2 = ? Point to the '-2' and ask what does that mean? it means take away 2, therefore jump back 2 . Place their finger with your finger on the number 4, then show them how to jump back two. As you jump, you count and land on the answer.

Practise this a couple of times, then have a go at the worksheet below. Also on the work sheet are images to colour, to check that the answer on the number line is correct. 

Topic- Science Experiments

Dancing pictures

If you drew a stick person or a few wiggly worms, would you like them to dance for you.

You will need a glass plate/dish, a white board marker and water.

Check out this science clip and see how you can make this happen.

Moving pictures