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Have a go at Fridays maths challenge by clicking on the link below. 

English: Fiction and non-fiction

In this lesson, you learn the difference between fiction and non-fiction writing.

All about your time in Jaguar Class!


Today I'd like you to create a collage all about your time in school as a Jaguar! You can draw, add photos, cut pictures from newspapers and magazines ( ask parents if this is ok) What can you remember from being a Jaguar? What were your favourite lessons? What were your favourite topics? What do you remember about the classroom? Who were your friends? What games did you play? Can you think of a time when you laughed really hard? What do you remember about Mrs Rashid? 


Once you're done, please send them in. You could even record it and send it in!


I have attached some writing templates below if you wish to use them.