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To revise the rules for possessive apostrophes and use them in your writing.

This lesson contains:

  • one video to help you revise how to use apostrophes to show possession
  • one video showing the first episode of Treasure Island
  • four activities



Play hit the button mixed number bonds to 100 – parents if you turn the sound up you will hear if your child is getting a few wrong at a time or how well they are doing! Remember to use number bonds to ten in the units column before then counting up in tens.



All about your time in Lemurs Class!


Today I'd like you to create a collage all about your time in school as a Lemur! You can draw, add photos, cut pictures from newspapers and magazines ( ask parents if this is ok) What can you remember from being a Lemur? What were your favourite lessons? What were your favourite topics? What do you remember about the classroom? Who were your friends? What games did you play? Can you think of a time when you laughed really hard? What do you remember about Miss Mckeown? 

Once you're done, please send them in. You could even record it and send it in!


I have attached some writing templates below if you wish to use them.