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English - Read this simile poem. A simile is when you compare one thing to another, for example, as bald as an egg; eyes like lightbulbs. The English language is full of well-known similes, for example, as quiet as a mouse. This poem has lots of similes in it. It takes each part of The Pobble’s appearance (head, hair, eyes, body and the way he walks) and compares it to something else.

★ Talk to someone at home about similes. Can you find the ones in the poem? 

Now it’s your turn to write a simile poem! Here’s what to do: 1. Choose a character from The Quangle Wangle’s Hat poem or make up your own fantastical character. 2. Write down each part of the character in the grid below. 3. Think about what each part is like and write your ideas into a grid like the one below.



Maths/Computing - Today we will be learning to collect and show data on the following webpage or you can download the J2 data app for free. 

  1. Head to pictograms
  2. Choose on of the templates - minineasts, pets, fruit, weather or journeys.
  3. Add in some of the images



Now can you create (by drawing/writing) a table for the pictogram you have made:


What might the data be showing? You could have a go at creating your own table of data and turning it into a pictogram or bar chart (click on 'chart' on the J2 program) - favourite pets, transport passing the house, favourite fruits might be some ideas or use your own.