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Maths -Consolidation

Our very last home learning maths activity is consolidating numbers 10-20 or beyond.

Click on the link below and select 'direct 10-to 20'. After the game, you may want to choose a different range for your child to be challenged on.

Good luck and have fun



RWI- Phonics

The final 'hold a sentence' using the special friend 'air'.

We do hope the children have become use to writing sentences independently. They will get to practise this in year 1.

Ready for the funny sentences...

What could it be this week?

Topic Dinosaurs

Our last activity is a very easy making one.


You will need the following:

a paper plate, paints- dinosuar colour, 2 wooden pegs (don't worry if you don't have these,  cover the plastic ones instead), googly eyes (opitional)

Follow the photographic instructions:

First....                      then....               after that...


Finally, decorate to suit own taste-

Tar Dar! One stand alone dinosaur.