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Purple Polishing Friday!!!


Toady we are going to check our work! Edit your work carefully.


Check for 


Capitals and Full Stops


Does it makes sense?

Improving your sentences.


Send me your finished work. This could be word processed or a photo.

Problem Solving Friday.


On Fridays we will be having a problem solving challenge. Follow the link below and watch the Year 5 and 6 video. Garath Metcalf who is running the site is going to try and make this an interactive activity. Watch out for details. Send me your ideas, either as a email message or as a photo. I will email you back and post some of your ideas on the class page

Here is a paperbased problem if you can't get on the link.


Here is the code for today's Kahoot 0385220. You can complete it anytime before 12pm, but I would suggest everyone goes on about 11am, then you can follow what others are doing. I will put up the leaderboard this afternoon. 



Watch this video about a healthy lifestyle. Createa poster that shows 5 things you are going to do to make sure you have a healthy lifestyle while schools are closed. Don't forget about 'My Happy Mind' as well.