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English: A new way to travel.

You have a choice of activities or you could do all three. Samuel Diggle has invented a brand new way to travel - 


1. Can you write your own newspaper article about Samuel Diggle’s new invention?

2. Alternatively, you could write a persuasive leaflet or poster, advertising the Zepper 2015.

3. You could even write a balanced argument: Is the Zepper 2015 better for the World than current modes of transport?


Other activities include: 

Answering questions about the new invention or Can you design your own new mode of transport? Think about how and why it is different to current types of transport.


English Resources

Maths: Adding two  numbers with exchange

Teaching slides, worksheet and answers attached 


History: Anglo Saxons - To explore the spread of Christianity.


We have been doing lots on the Anglo Saxons and this would have been our final session so I have attached the ppt and activities below. To make the lesson active you can cut out the pink fact cards and stick them around the house/garden and then go on a hunt to find the answers to the questions given!