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Tiger Time - 4 o'clock


Continue to read at home each day.

Oxford Owl/Read Write Inc. e-books:



Read the sound and the words containing the sound (recap Set 2 sounds and previous Set 3 sounds as you go along).

Practise spelling the words containing the new sound. Practise spelling some words from Set 2 and previous Set 3 sounds. 

Pick 3 common exception words from this list each day to practise spelling -


Following on from yesterday, use the noun phrases you created and put them in a sentence using 'and' to describe what was in the tree. Don't forget capital letters and full stops!

E.g. In there tree there was a red door and a white sink.

Floyd threw a green car and a pink house into the tree.


Continue to practise halving numbers using the worksheet. Choose a difficulty level. If you find it easy, challenge yourself by having a go at the next level. 


Practise halving mentally by playing this game -

What's the highest score you can get?


Keep practising doubling numbers too!


Each week we start our lessons by reminding ourselves about important facts about Christianity. Please share The Hand PowerPoint with your child. They will know what to do and they should be able to answer the question on each finger of The Hand - the answers are on slide 3.

If we had been at school this week we would have been sharing different versions of the Easter story with the children. Can you please do this at home with your child?

If you have a Children's Bible or a Bible storybook at home can you share The Easter Story with your child? There is a video here you can watch too. 

Can you please explain to your child that Easter is the most important Christian festival as Christians believe that God raised Jesus from the dead - he was resurrected. 

For a follow-up activity, your child can draw a picture, make a video (surprise), make a model of part of the story or bake Easter cakes (if you've got all the ingredients frown.

There are a variety of recipes attached but please use one of your own if you have a good one. These recipes involve the use of an oven so ... stay safe and supervise your child in the kitchen (I know you will but I have to tell you!). Looking forward to the photographs - you might bring some samples in when school reopens!

Happy Easter to you all!