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Pick 4 words from the Year 3 4 list as handwriting. 


Watch the Black Hat video.


Have Resource 4a infront of you. Read this out. (Try to read it in an expressionless way) Do you think the way it was read matches the drama that we created yesterday? Discuss response. Realise that there is little excitement and suspense. What else have you noticed? Can you suggest ways in which to improve the piece?

 Work to improve the piece of writing. Use adverbs to describe movement.

Use Resource 4b based on the drama scene. There is a space for you to re-write each sentence. You will need to add in adverbs, adjectives and the full stops and capital letters that are missing. You will need to use conjunctions (and, but or because) where needed. 

As extension, Look back at the piece and check that you have added question marks in the correct place.



Draw a small man on a piece of paper. He is called Peri. He likes to walk around shapes. 

Match up the shape with their perimeter. REMEMBER that the sides of a square are ALL THE SAME. 

If you haven't printed the sheet then draw and write them in your book. You could draw them to scale if you have a ruler.  


Outdoor Learning

Read the story- Saving Spring (attached). Now look at the resource take it outside (attached) and send time outside, can you build a guinea pig house?