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Purple Polishing Friday

Re read your poem – does every word count, or could you take words like determiners out to make it more effective.

Can you improve your vocabulary? Try using an online thesaurus like the one at

Check the punctuation: are all the commas correct to make it read correctly.

Finally email it to me. I will send in the entries for everyone that sends me one.


Problem Solving Friday.

Today we are going to look at a problem with Gareth Metcalf looking at consecutive numbers. If you can’t access the video have a go at the worksheet problem instead.

Easter Egg Hunt

Today we should be having our annual Easter Egg Hunt on the school field, but so that we don’t miss out on the fun, why not join in with this one? All you need to do is make a picture of an Easter Egg and put it in your window over the Easter weekend so that when you go on your daily exercise you can see how may you can spot. Why not take a picture of one and post it on Facebook?

We will start an Easter egg Hunt post on Good Friday.