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English - Focus on the image of mum shouting at Jack using the picture below. Discuss what is going on here. Create the scene using role play and ‘freeze frame’. Ensure children are using conjunctions to explain and elaborate on the points being made.  Now independently write mum’s diary. How did she feel about the beans? How did she feel about having no money left? Ensure children follow the same structure with regards to tense: 

Opening: How mum is feeling right now.  Present tense.

Section 1: What happened to make mum so cross? Past tense

Section 2: What is happening with the beans now? Present tense


Maths - Go to the homework link at Active Maths below and play one of the Year 2 Fraction games - A Fraction Closer, Find the Fraction or Fraction Fun! 


Geography - Today we will be learning about the rainforest. Use the powerpoint below to find some facts. Use a world map explore where rainforests are found. Find out about a type of animal that lives in a rainforest by researching and creating a factfile poster.


Mum shouting at Jack