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The last activity to do with 'time'. 

It's called 'How many can you do ?'

You will need an adult and yourself (but you may want others to join in too).

An adult/child counts up to 10 and in that time, you have to do a certain task. The aim of the game is to do that task as many times as you can in the allotted time. 

Repeat with another person, compare scores. Repeat with different tasks (see below). 

Then increase the time to 20 seconds and then if you are all up for it, 1 minute!

Maybe keep a score so there is no cheating or you can clearly see, who you need to beat. 

Do this again the next day and see if you can improve your scores. 

Remember, it is only a friendly game mums and dads!

Here are a few suggestions for tasks: 

jump over a large -ish object back and forth


 run around the garden/up and down the pavement if safe

catch a big ball

star jumps

stand on one leg without falling over (yes or no)

object shuffle- two markers 2 metres away - place the object from one marker to the other

build a tower of object (bricks, books )

draw a circles ( a complete one) 

write the letter d

write the number 7 

Have fun you guys!

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If you have finished your rainbow, don't forget to send us a photograph of it.