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Maths- Doubling

After all that practising on 'doubling', try these interactive games.

Ready...see how you get on. 


RWI- Hold a sentence. See if you can write these two funny sentences

Chit Chat Chicken Song.

For a bit of fun.
This song will get you in a bit of twist! See if you can sing along to this funny song. Good luck!

Topic- Colour The Day The Crayons Quit

This is the last activity to do with our crazy book. Have you been re-reading/watching it through out the week?

The last acttivity is a colouring one. Just like Ducan coloured-in the page with all the objects and animals on, we would like you to use your colours and do the same. Make it as colourful as possible. You don't have to colour the dinosaur green, why not make it orange, why make the sun orange- make it pink! 

Have fun with mixing the colours around. We bet your colouring will be better than Duncan's.