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Maths- The Snail and the Whale

Last day. How did you get on with 'odd and even'activity?

Today's skills involve 'higher or lower' and making a snail trail yourself.

We hope you have enjoyed the White Rose Maths learning. It is interactive, fun and practical too.


It's Friday and it's time for your little one to show off their sentence writing.

Have a giggle at these sentences.

Watch Alphablocks to consolidate 'igh' sound

Topic- People who help us

Our final activity for this particular topic is 'When am I older, I would like to be a...'

Please ask your child what do they want to do, when they are an adult? Having seen just a few ideas over the last two week, we would like them to write and draw their 'job'.

You can use the template below, or make one up youself.