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Maths- Counting in twos

Today's activity is looking at the above numbers in a number grid. You will need the sheet below and coloured pencils. If you are unable to print the sheet off, you can make your own. 

The objective of the activity is to practise counting in twos and to see the a visual  pattern .

NUMBERJACKS | Two Four Six Eight


It's Friday... get ready to impress with your sentence skills.

Topic- Space

Phew, this particular  topic has had a few 'making' activities.

Today's is the final activity it it requires your child to make a space suit picture for themselves, for a toy OR a lego space craft.

For the space suit, they can choose a doll/action hero/soft toy etc and use foil, shiny paper, rolled up tubes etc to make it

Here are some ideas you could use for the spacesuit or the lego spacecraft.



Papa, Please Get The Moon For Me: Watch this lovely story of a dad getting the moon for his daughter.