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In this lesson, you will need to use all the skills we have developed over the last 9 sessions. We will use knowledge of area and perimeter to solve problems. We will solve 1 and 2 step problems, making use of our times tables and related division facts. Be careful that you pay close attention to the units of measure as we will be working in both cm² and m². Make sure you have a sharp pencil and a ruler ready to complete any tasks you will be set.


Today you will focus on writing the fifth and final section of the story.


In the fifth section I want you to:

★ have your main character return to the wish-granting character; 

★ combine the needs of your Main Character’s friends or family into one wish; 

★ describe the setting.


Here’s my fifth paragraph. Use it to help you write yours.


As quick as a flick, it came to her! She knew what to wish for. The sun was setting, and the moon was beginning to take over the day. Zoe could see the moon’s light reflecting on the surface of the waves. It was time to talk to the Queen of the Oysters.

Down, down, down she swam. The Queen of the Oysters was there, waiting. Zoe used her hands to wish underwater. She used actions and hand signals to ask for her heart’s desire: 

“I wish for my mum to be chasing my puppy around my mansion’s garden.”


In the final section I want you to:

★  have the wish come true;

★  make sure your reader knows that your main character has changed because of the wish, like the example below:


Suddenly, the oyster shimmered. The water felt cooler and the seaweed seemed to stand still. Zoe swam up to the surface and as soon as she broke into the air, she heard it: a dog barking in the distance.

Zoe smiled. Her worries were finally over, and she walked back to her mansion in the moonlight.


Geography: Mountains