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In this lesson, you will be putting together all of the skills from the past 4 sessions to help identify key facts within word problems. You will take these key pieces of information, identify the problem and work out ways to calculate the answer. You will be looking at money, time and length problems and skillfully solving them!

Alternative Active Maths: To The Grocers We Go!

I have attached the lesson plane and resources in the links below. 

Please note you don't have to stick to the lesson plan - you may have to amend some ideas to suit what you have at home. 


Today we will plan our log. I have attached a planning example in the link below - take a look and then plan your own using the prompts on the plan and using the example model text for Zargon 9 (you will have to click onto Thursday to read the model text) 

English worksheet

Science: Digestive System and Teeth!

Do you remember that we were learning all about this just before the lockdown?


Let's see how much you can remember!