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Maths Take away' Colour by number'

The final lesson of this week, is take away using resources. Your child can either use their fingers, count back or use resources to take away.

The sheets below are colour by numbers. First, they have to do the simple take away sentence, get the answer and then colour that part of the picture that is equal to the number. 

Have fun. On some of the pictures, there are so many parts, which means there are so many number sentences. Complete as many as your child can do. Why not complete it together? 

RWI Phonics

It's Friday and that means it's 'Hold a sentence'.

How is your child getting on with these Friday sentences? Can you see any progress in their independence? Can you see their letter formation improving by the week and can you see them becoming more confidence at having a go ?


Please see document below for the 'oo' sentence.

Topic- The Naughty Bus

How did your child get on with being a photographer and choosing places for their naughty toy, to have an adventure in/on?

The final activity for this topic, is to take two of the adventures that their toy had yesterday and write/ type in what they did.

You may need to print 2 small photo off and then your child can write underneath it, or 

to paste the photos into word and let your child type their sentence in. 

Whatever way you choose to present it, can you get your child to write, what their toy is doing.

For example:


Sweep is hiding amongst                       Sweep is sitting in the fridge

the pots and pans.                                        ontop of the apples. 


Again, could you email us this work, as it will be added to the Naughty Toy gallery.