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Continue to read at home each day. 

Oxford Owl/Read Write Inc. e-books:



Practise reading these set 2 sounds each day -

Each day there will be a Set 3 focus sound e.g. 'ea' and review sounds e.g. 'ph' and 'wh'. Practise reading the sounds and words containing the sounds. Ask an adult to choose 3 words containing the focus sound and 2 words from each review sound - spell them without looking. Use your fred fingers to help you - say the word and pinch the sounds e.g. d-r-ea-m.


Focus sound: 'oi'

Review sounds: 'ea' 'ph'





Today you are going to do a reading lesson and practise your comprehension and inference skills.

Online lesson -

Watch the videos and answer the questions. Complete activities 1 and 2. 


Today, you are going to order numbers from smallest to greatest and greatest to smallest. 


Activity 1 - Using the number cards you have made (or the printable ones below), pick 4 number cards. Order them from smallest to greatest. Repeat x5.

Now, repeat this activity - pick 4 number cards and order them greatest to smallest. Repeat x5.


Activity 2 - Complete the worksheet. Answers are attached.


Activity 3 - Have a go at this challenge question.


Keep your number cards for next week!

Sport Challenge

Today's personal challenge is: Stair step ups - How many times can you step up and down off the bottom step in 1 minute?


Choose an activity from the Activity Guide to complete with your family.


Please take pictures/videos and share them with Miss Morris so we can put them on Facebook! Enjoy!


Well done - you have completed National School Sport Week at Home!


National School Sport Week at Home was supposed to start on Saturday 20th June. Incase you missed some of the personal challenges, and would like to do them all, here are the personal challenges from last Saturday and Sunday.


Wash basketball/Bin Basketball - Using your wash basket and a pair of socks/a bin and a piece of paper - How far away from the basket/bin can you stand and throw the object in?


Speed Bounce - Jump over a rope/line/broom etc. How many times can you jump side to side over the object in 1 minute?