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English - Today I would like you to write as the superhero you created yesterday. Write it like a diary entry for the day recounting what you did. Maybe you saved the world or maybe you helped an old man with his shopping. Do you have an everyday person that you change from or are you always in your superhero guise? Agai continue to use extended sentences and description. 


Maths - Today's Maths is one of our active challenges. Have a look below to find out what to do. 


PSHE - There are lots of everyday heroes around us; nurses, doctors, police, fire service and others. A group of everyday heroes that don't get talked about as much are you: 

We are ‘Everyday heroes’ because……….

                 We aim to set a good example for others.

            We treat others with respect.

We try to always be positive and smile.

We do our best to get along with everyone.

We say nice things to others.

We share what we have to bring happiness to others.

We are responsible for our rubbish and look after the environment.

We are kind and patient.

We help people in need.

We make sure that no-one is left out.

We encourage others who are feeling down.

We treat others how we’d like to be treated.

We say ‘thank you’ to others who help us.

We show gratitude for what we have.

We help each other learn.

What is your Everyday power? Write it on a piece of A4 paper, make it big, bold and colourful. Ask an adult to talk a photo of you holding your power and send it to the class page 





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