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Year 1 to Year 6 have taken part in a cross curricular project this half term in partnership with Chester Zoo. This fiished with a special exhibition for friends and famly. Here are some examples of our fabulous work.

Deaf Active

For the next 8 weeks, the charity Deaf Active will be coming into our school to teach our school to sign using British Sign Language. 

Their first session began with the children and staff  leaning how to sign, 

 'Good Morning, what is your favourite food/ drink?'

Our reply was  'Good morning, my favourite food/drink is...'

In just one session, the children learnt how to sign at least 10 different foods or drinks.

In addition, Deaf Active taught the pupils how to sign to the song 'History' by One Direction.

Each week , Deaf Active will be teaching the school,  how to ask different  questions,how to reply appropriately and add to our repertoire of songs to sign to. 

Here are a few photos from the first session. 

Listening attentively and watching closely
The Deaf Active Gang
The experts showing us how to really do it!