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Welcome to Jaguar Class :) 








Autumn Newsletter 2019


Welcome Jaguars to your new class! 

This page will give you an outline of all the topics we will be studying this half term and if you scroll to the very bottom of this page you will find a maths and English homework star icon: if you click on them, you will find this half terms homework and any help sheets you might need to help you complete your homework. 


I have planned lots of fun and engaging lessons this half term and all I ask is that you work hard and get stuck in! I am looking forward to meeting your parents and getting to know them!


Parents - If you have any questions/queries about anything then please do come and speak to me at any time.



This half term you will be studying fantasy stories and to help us with our work we will be watching and studying a clip called 'The Dream Giver" (Literacy Shed)

You will be working on a range of different text types such as character and setting descriptions, diary entries, poems about dragons and finally you will write your own version of the story based on 'The Dream Giver'



The Reading Challenge:

As it is a new year, we will be starting the reading challenge afresh. You should read every night and ask your parent/carer to sign once you have read. If you manage to read 5 times within the week you will earn a stamp in your reading record. Once you have earned 10 stamps you will receive a bronze certificate in praise assembly. You will have to earn a further 10 stamps for a silver and then gold certificate. Please ensure you bring your reading record and book into school every day in order to keep track of your reading. 



This half term, we will be focusing on Number and Place Value and then Addition and Subtraction. By the end of the half term you should be able to:


Place Value

-Count in multiples of 6,7,9,25,1000.

-Find 1000 more and less than a given number.

-Count backwards through zero to negative numbers.

-Recognise place value of each digit in a four digit number.

-Order and Compare numbers beyond 1000.

-Round any number to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000.

-Read and write Roman Numerals to 100.

-Identify, represent and estimate numbers using different representations.

- Solve number and practical problems that involve all of the above and with increasingly large positive numbers


Addition and Subtraction

-Add and subtract numbers up to four digits, using formal written methods.

-Estimate ad use inverse operations to check answers to a calculation.

-Solve addition and subtraction two step problems.


Times Tables

Times tables are really important and by the end of year 4 it is expected that you should recall your times tables up to 12 x 12. At the end of the year the children will be taking pat in an online test which tests their times table knowledge. In school we will be playing daily times tables games and there will be a weekly times table challenge called Rainbow times tables (This is a timed test. You will progress through the colours once you achieve full marks on each colour) To help you achieve full marks ensure you practice your tables at home too. 


Click on the times tables icon at the bottom of this page for more info and resources. 



The theme in science this half term is 'Living things and their habitats' 

By the end of the unit you should be able to:

-Explain and describe what a living thing is.

-Explore the local grounds to find and observe living things.

-Use a branching database to sort and classify the local invertebrates.

-Make observational drawings of the local invertebrates.

-Create a branching database for a variety of living things.



PE will be taught by S4YC and Mr Kelly on a Tuesday and Wednesday. Please make sure you have your full PE kit in school on these days.  



The theme in history this half term is the Tudors.

By the end of the topic you should be able to:

-Locate Tudors on a timeline.

-Understand what Henry VIII was like through portraits and written sources

-Know the roles, responsibilities and importance of a Tudor Monarch.

-Know about Henry's marriage to Catherine of Aragon and the reasons for their divorce and the same for Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour and Anne of Cleves.



Art will be taught by Mrs Hibbert and this half term you will be studying Tudor portraits which is linked to our history topic. You will learn to sketch faces and really look deeper into how to sketch eyes, lips, mouth, ears etc. You will be using water colours to finish off your portraits. You will then use similar skills to sketch and paint a Tudor house and a Tudor coats of arms. 



You will be studying peer relationships: friends and enemies. I am going to link this topic to our history topic again and look at the kind of relationships Henry VIII had with his wives. 


Our focus for this half term will be Islam and we will be doing lots of activities and discussions around our big question: How does the Quran affect daily lives of Muslims in their communities? 

We will be looking at:

  • Wudu (special wash)
  • The importance of prayer and the meaning of particular verses in the Quran
  • The Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)
  • Angels
  • The roles of each member of the family
  • Five pillars of Islam 



You will be learning all about e-safety and will be gathering information about staying safe on the internet. You will then work in groups to do a presentation about what you have learnt. The children will then move onto multimedia and use different software that will help us with our other foundation subjects such as science and history. 


Homework and spellings:

Maths and English homework will be given out every Wednesday and expected back the following Monday.

There is a star Icon at the bottom of our Year 4 Page called Homework. On this page you will find the homework set for the half term.


If your child is finding the homework difficult then please encourage them to come to homework club on a Wednesday and Thursday Lunchtime.


My Maths:

Maths homework will be set weekly on My Maths. Children have been given a My Maths letter with login details. These have been stuck into their homework books. 

If your child has trouble logging in at home, they are more than welcome to complete homework in school with me or go to homework club on a Wednesday or Thursday lunchtime. 


Looking forward to a great year with you all and again if you have any questions or concerns please come and speak to me at any time.


Mrs Rashid :)