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Miss Morris' group

Your focus sound today is 'oo' - 'Poo at the zoo'


Watch this video and join in -


Practise reading these sounds - 


Read the sound and the words containing the sound on the document attached below. Spot the special friends first and then fred talk and say the word. E.g. spoon - "oo - s-p-oo-n - spoon".

Practise reading these alien words -


Practise spelling some words containing the new sound and a word containing each of the sounds 'igh' and 'ow'. Ask an adult to give you a word to spell e.g. spoon. Say the word and pinch the sounds to help you spell the word - "spoon - s-p-oo-n". 


Read a Read, Write, Inc 'Green' level book -

To access the free reading books click 'My Class Login'. Username: parkgateprimary Password: parkgate 


Have a go at this game.


Obb and Bob - select 'oo' under Phase 3 and recap 'ee' and 'igh' words.