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Rule of Law

During the Covid-19 outbreak, many new laws have been introduced to help keep us all as safe as possible. It is important to follow any new rules to protect ourselves and others around us.


Unfortunately, this meant that zoos, among many other things, suffered. 




After all of the news to save Chester Zoo, I wanted to give you the opportunity to complete your own tasks. 

This task is a week late but will still be fun and informative for you. 

Look at the learning from home document and pick 3 tasks to complete today. 

You can design your own zoo, do animal silhouettes, research wild animals and use a map to find where animals live or where zoos are located. 


It is understandable that the government needed to close the zoo to stop the spread of the virus, but had you thought about the animals before now? 

The zoos lost money which meant they struggled to work for and feed their animals. Luckily, it looks like zoos will be making money now and may be saved through charity sites and now being able to let customers through their doors.