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Maths- Adding and take away

This concept was previously consolidated a couple of weeks ago. We are revising this again, as it is a fundamental skill that we would like our Lion cubs to be secure on when going into year 1.


RWI Phonics

The new sound for this week is 'or'- 'shut the door'. Watch the RWI lesson with the sound 'or' in.

Phonics Lesson - Set 2 'or' sound for Reception and Year 1

After watching the lesson, see if your child can have a go at spelling the 'or' words. 

Topic- Science expriements 

This week's activities are going to very practical ones. We have chosen ones that can be made from or use every day objects.

The first activity will take 1/2 days. You are going to make an exploding volcano!

Today's task is to make one using papier mache.

Then tomorrow's task is to paint it 

Then on Wednesday after everything has dried... pour in the ingredients and  let the volcano erupt.

Watch this you clip on how to make it, paint it and the simple ingredients you will need for the erupting volcano.

How To Make a Volcano for the Science Fair

We would love to see the different stages of your child's volcano, so please send photographs in.