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This week we are going to use games and apps to consolidate the maths skills we have looked at.


Play the symmetry game using this game on the computer. You have pictures, shapes and patterns to match up. Remember what symmetry is... two halves looking the same or one side looking exactly like the other side.


Click below to take you to the game.


This week's sound from set 2 RWI, is 'air'...that's not fair.

Watch the RWI lesson and see how many words your child can read. Afterwards, see if they can spell the green words as well.

Phonics Lesson - Set 2 'air' sound for Reception and Year 1

Try reading these 'air' words


Our last home learning topic is going to be on the animals that we all secretly love ... 'DINOSAURS'. Whoopie! Save the best 'til last!

We warn you now, it's going to get messy and wet and by the time you finish with this topic on Friday, you will be absoulte brain boxes on the subject!


Our first activity is a gentle one... Let's make dinosaur eggs.

You will need a balloon, water, a small dinosaur and a freezer.

Put a small dinosaur toy in a balloon and fill with some water and freeze. 

Your child will love chipping away and watching the ice melt to reveal the dinosaur.