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This week we will be using the video link below for our English tasks. It's called Tadeo Jones and it tells the story of an adventurer who enters a pyramid where he finds a family of mummies!


Lesson 1 - To plan a setting description of an Egyptian tomb.


Watch the video clip but pause at 3:30. Ask the children to discuss what they thought about what they have just seen or heard? Ask them to predict what might happen next?


Replay the clip up to 3:30 again (you may have to do this several times) and ask the children to record what they can see, hear, smell, feel/touch. Planning sheet is attached if needed. 




English Resources

Maths: Factor Pairs

Below you will find a starter, activity and an answer sheet. 



We have been looking at the importance of Easter to Christians and the next lesson is on the Resurrection of Jesus. I have attached a ppt which explains the story.


Activity - you can either create a story board and retell the story through pictures and captions or create an Easter garden