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Pick 4 words from the Year 3 4 words document to write as handwriting in your book. 

Read your book that you brought home from school out loud.


Watch the film The Black Hat. 

Show the children the first part of The Black Hat film up until where the boy goes into the woods and finds the hat (32 seconds) The children will watch this section again but think about the following question. What do we know about the boy? Discuss with the children about what they have seen and heard from the film. He lives in an old forest cabin with his mute grandmother. He is lonely, young and quite ordinary. Discuss any unknown vocabulary.

Do they also know any other stories written in this way? (poetry) 



We will be revisiting dividing 2 digits by 1 digit. Go through the Power Point and complete the questions on the document attached, at the level that best suits you. 



Pick an art skill and complete a page using this skill.