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This week we are going to write poems about VE day to enter into a competition that is being run by Chester and Cheshire West Council. We will be building up to our poem as we would in class: developing our ideas, collecting vocabulary, looking at other poems and then writing out own. Today I would like you to look at the images in the slide show and read the first person recount from someone who was a child on VE day. Start to collect ideas about how people felt. You may want to print things out and annotate them or just create a list.



What is volume?


When we measure volume we are measuring how much in a space or container. Today we are going to revise measuring in litres and millilitres. Remember 1000ml = 1 litre. Attached is a worksheet, I want you to find 10 different items at home that are measured in litres or millilitres and then convert the measurements. Try and find some that are less than a litre and some that are more.


This week I would like you to research air raid shelters. There were two main types – Anderson Shelters and Morrison Shelters. You can present your findings in any way you’d like. You may want to write about it, make a poster or make a model. I have included some links to start you off.