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Pick 4 words from the Year 3 4 words document to write as handwriting in your book. 

Read your book that you brought home from school out loud. 


Watch the film, for the birds.


Show children the film ‘For the Birds’. Throughout the showing you might want to pause at times and ask the children to predict what they think will happen, talk about character actions and responses and how the characters might be feeling. Ask them to discuss their initial responses without any input – share thoughts/predictions/inferences. Discuss who the mean ones were. How were the smaller birds unkind to the big bird? Why do you think they treated the big bird like that? What did they do to the big bird? What did they say about him? Were any of the smaller birds worse than the others and why? How do you think this made the big bird feel? Did the smaller birds deserve their consequence? Is there a moral to the story? Pose the question, ‘What is bullying?’ Gather children’s thoughts and ideas together – this could be documented on a flipchart and placed on the working wall. Probe further if necessary with questions about what bullying might look like, the different types of bullying, how bullying makes a person feel. Do the children think that the bird in the clip was being bullied?


Act out the film in your own way. Include all of the main points. 




Complete Week 1, Lesson One Unit and Non Unit fractions on White Rose Maths

Watch the video before completing the activity. 



Revisit the parable of the pearl, the parable of the fig tree and the parable of the seed.

Write an information poster, explaining what happens in all 3 parables and what the meanings are.